Appethyl® Thylakoids: Natural Appetite Control from Spinach*

A salad is mostly water, so how does it make you feel full? Scientists at the University of Lund in Sweden found the answer in thylakoids, membrane proteins from the cells of green plants, in this case extracted from green leafy spinach. In the plant, they are part of the photosynthesis process. In your body, they help control hunger.* Taken with a meal, thylakoids bind to dietary fat to reduce the rate of fat digestion.* In this way, they increase hormonal satiety signals such as CCK and leptin, and decrease hunger signals such as ghrelin.*

How Thylakoids Work


Appethyl® = Thylakoids

Appethyl® is the patented and clinically studied form of spinach thylakoids extract. Multiple clinical studies support Appethyl for controlling appetite*, reducing cravings*, and as a weight loss ingredient.*


image02It’s Spinach!

Have you ever had someone tell you to “eat your spinach”? Most people probably have, and rightly so: spinach has many health benefits. However, eating spinach won’t help you gain control of your appetite the way Appethyl® does.*


The secret behind Appethyl® lies in it the patented process involved in manufacturing this clinically-beneficial ingredient, freeing the thylakoids from inside the plant cells.

Thylakoids are essentially little pouches located in the chloroplasts of green leaves, with the ability to trigger satiety signals in us, using the body’s own satiety system.